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Kelly Rowland’s Fitness Regimen

Kelly Rowland flaunts


Many of us were already aware that new X Factor judge Kelly Rowland was working with a bangin’ body, but for those of us who may have forgotten just how bangin’ that body is, the October issue of Shape Magazine serves as a great reminder. Inside, the “Dirty Laundry” singer talks about her intense workout schedule, “problem areas” and practicing self-control when it comes to food cravings. I hope this motivate and inspires our readers.

On her weekly workout schedule: 

“I work out five or six times a week. I feel better, look better, sleep better….Being fit makes me feel s*xy. Isn’t that everyone’s goal when they work out, to look good n*ked?”

On her “problem area:”

“As I’m getting older, the Rowland family trait of having bigger bottoms is taking its toll on my hips and butt. The other day, [my trainer] had me doing squats that were so hard I wanted to kill her. But my behind is getting higher and tighter. Exercise really does change your body.”

On controlling food cravings:

“When I want a steak, I grill some Portobello mushrooms and put a little goat cheese on them,” she says. “And I’ve learned to satisfy my sweet tooth by replacing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with half a tablespoon of almond butter on half a banana.”

On getting personal with “Dirty Laundry:”

“When I was writing [the song], I thought my story of abuse was too personal to share, but my manager reminded me that so many women are in similar situations—and that as an artist I’m supposed to be vulnerable.”

Doesn’t she look AMAZING?



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