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Exercising but not losing weight?

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Fitness experts always say, “exercise to trounce the extra weight”. Most  of  us  go  by  their  remarks  but  our  efforts  disappoint  our  loyalty. We   exercise  but  still   stay  baffled  as  to  why    we  are  not  weighing  any  less. You actually start wondering why you visit the gym in the first place. In moments like this, a few of us turn to slimming pills, corsets and such. Nonetheless,  the  substantial  reasons  behind  these  perplexing  occurrences  could  save  you  the  aggravation.

While  unfamiliar  to  many, fat  does  not  weigh  as  much  as  bone   or  muscle. Some  people  have  heavy  bones  that  manifest  in  general  body  weight  to the extent that even  when  they  exercise,  they don’t see changes. While  you  exercise,   fat  is  efficiently  burnt  down    but  some  fat  is  replaced  by  muscle during this process. This  kind of physiology  is  not  common  to  many  of  us  so  we  get  disillusioned by  the  inefficiently  changing  weight. Replacing fat with muscle is not a bad thing. In fact, there are weighing scales that measure fat and muscle differently. This  could  serve  you  better  if  you  are  the  kind  that  gets  encouraged  with  the  change  in  numbers.

Understanding exercise is necessary. Knowing  that  one  cannot  run  as  efficiently  as  they  wish  on  the  first  day  of  exercise  is  vital. Abrupt  heavy  exercise  could  stress  your  muscles  instead  of  toning  them. In  most  cases, intensive  exercise  leads  to  relentless  painful  muscles  due  to  muscle  and  ligament  tearing.  Also,  inconsistent  exercise  could  bring  little  or  no  benefits  at  all. It  takes  a  number  of  rounds  of  exercise  for  the  body  to   adjust  and  get  rejuvenated. The significance of exercise   is to increase    the body’s   metabolic weight. In  lay  man’s  language, exercise  increases  the  rate  at  which  the  body  utilizes  food. Inconsistent exercise could leave the metabolic rate sluggish. For  the  metabolic  rate  to  increase  efficiently, it  is  recommended  to  exercise  more  often. It  is  tolerable  to  start  with  the  amount  of  exercise  that  you  can  manage. However,  it  is  of  use  to  increase  the  amount  of  exercise  one  does  with  time. The  body   fine  tunes  to  exercise and if the amount of exercise is not increased, the body  does  not  benefit  much  from  it  anymore. It  is  better  to  gradually  increase  the  amount  of  exercise  one  does  over  time and eventually, the benefits will re reaped. Think about it this way, it took a long time for your body to pile on the pounds and so it is only fair to give your body enough time to get rid of it. Constant exercise over time will help you achieve this.



Angella is a student at Makerere University College of Health Sciences.She is currently in her third year offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.Angella is an essayist and the winner of the Make Every Woman Count writing Competition 2012.She is a writer and was awarded the Peers’ Favorite piece award in the writifism competition 2013  by Center for African Cultural Excellence. Angella is a researcher in health and an innovator.She was a fellow of the Global Engagement Summit 2013 in Evanston,Illinois

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3 thoughts on “Exercising but not losing weight?

  1. its very frustrating when you start an exercise ‘regimen’ but the scales on the weight machine keep increasing or remain the same… and then we resort to comfort eating in our depression!!!! well, patience and persistence are key! i couldn’t agree more.

    1. I agree totally with your comment Linda, keep trying though, I felt the same way but after a while, I began to see results, then it plateau’s again, I keep having to switch up my exercise program and food choices, then the results show again. For me, it’s a lifestyle change, and something I have to work on every day – best wishes to you in your journey..

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