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5 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

Work is gradually becoming synonymous with stress and finding ways to avoid stress-related maladies and maintaining good health while at work has become of great importance. Maintaining good, healthy work habits will go a long way to increasing your job satisfaction and productivity, and is essential for a long, productive career. Below are five of the best ways to ensure you stay healthy and happy at work.

1. Take regular breaks

Many of us work in deadline-oriented roles that seem to require us to work non-stop for hours on end. Whether you work in a stressful or more flexible environment, the importance of taking regular breaks should not be understated. The brain requires breaks at regular intervals in order to work efficiently, so while you may think you are accomplishing more by working continuously, you are probably compromising your long-term productivity by not taking a few minutes to relax and recuperate.


2. Are you sitting comfortably?

Being comfortable in the workplace is essential as it encourages concentration and increases productivity. Being comfortable includes sitting in a comfortable chair that allows you to reach your desk without stretching, having proper lighting that enables you to work without putting strain on your eyes, and working in a suitable ambient temperature.


3. Eat and drink properly

The first rule of thumb for those working long hours is to keep hydrated. Your brain is 90% water so dehydration will severely affect your ability to concentrate and work effectively. Most of us do not drink enough water, so make sure you always have a bottle at hand and drink throughout the day. Working in a deadline-oriented or stressful environment also means that we often ignore the quality of what we eat, resorting to snacks with a low nutritional value that will make you feel more lethargic than energised. Try to get out of the office for lunch and eat healthily in order to feel both replenished and energetic.


4. Exercise on a regular basis

The importance of exercise should not be cast aside. Not only is exercising important for keeping fit, as we are all aware, but it is crucial for mental agility and general happiness. Someone who exercises on a regular basis will be more energised at work and will therefore work more efficiently.


5. Sleep well

Sleep is essential to health and wellbeing. Get into a routine of going to bed early and make sure that all distractions such as televisions and laptops are removed from the bedroom so it becomes a place that is synonymous with rest and relaxation. A rested individual will be far more productive than someone who has had only a few hours sleep, so make a conscious effort to maintain a stable sleep pattern.


Many of us work long hours in stressful environments that are not conducive to good health. It is therefore essential that you look after yourself while at work. If you feel that your work is causing you health problems, check ( this useful page to find new job vacancies available. After all, while there are many jobs in the world, you will only ever have one body.

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