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Ladies: is everything okay down south?

A Woman’s pH

pH balance is not just from the acid and base titration lectures most of us took in secondary school. The acronym pH actually refers to the body’s Potential for Hydrogen, which measures the hydrogen ions that are in the body. . The body’s pH is determined by a scale that ranges from 0 to 14; a pH lower than 7 is acidic and a pH higher than 7 is considered basic.

Generally the vaginal PH should be acidic, so you want it lower than a 5. If a woman’s pH is high, she most likely has a bacterial infection and needs to see her doctor. if her pH is low, thats indicative of a yeast infection.

Here are some TIPS on keeping you privates healthy. 

* use a light non-fragranced soap with warm warm water

* Dont Douch : use water and vinegar instead if you must

* Keep wearing of thongs to the minimal. the thong sits right on your butt. thats like a highway for bacteria. Thongs get so close and tight on your skin that it’s almost impossible for the area to breathe (breeding ground for bacterial growth). It’s fine to wear thongs once in a while when you have an outfit that requires them. generally, cotton underwear is better.

* wipe from the front to back when you go to the bathroom. that way you dont get bacteria from your butt where you dont want it as that is a MAJOR cause of infection.

* go to bed without underwear. the african weather is hot and humid most times.It helps if your V gets some fresh air every now and then.

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