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Breast Health – The wrong Bra

Wearing the wrong bra can damage womens breasts according to health experts. if your bra selection is wrong it may lead to the fragile ligaments being stretched.

During exercise, your boobs move up and down, in and out, and from side to side. It is said that boobs move approximately 21 cm during exercise. Most of the bras are designed in such a way that it limits just vertical movement. For many women, wrong bra causes breast pain. Wrong bra makes women feel discomfort.

This is because they don’t buy right sized bra. There are many sports bra that do up at the back. Traditional bras are really good in supporting women. Some women who want their boobs to look big opt for wrong bras which doesn’t fit according to their breast size. You should always select a bra according to your breast size.

Many women are unaware that they are wearing the wrong bra. Changing shape and size of their breasts will change their bra size over their life time, mainly after menopause. The same case also happens during breastfeeding.

The selection of bra plays a very important role in breast health. One of the most precious assets a woman has is properly formed and shaped breasts. If you select a bra which is not your cup size, the shape of your boobs will be distorted and will finally lead to sagging. It is not recommended to wear tight fit bras as it will lead you to have scar around your breasts. It seriously affects your skin. While buying bra, measure your breast size. A perfect bra will give a good shape to your breast and it will not damage your breast.

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3 thoughts on “Breast Health – The wrong Bra

  1. I’ve opted for no bra all together
    A. Because my boobs are small, so I can get away with it (although I do cellotape my nipples from time to time if I’m wearing a particularly revealing dress)
    B. I hate the iron underneath the bra… At first, I used to remove it, but bras still being uncomfortable I.e. too tight for my rib cage (and I can’t go a size up cos as I said, my boobs are really small 34b)
    S I ditched it altogether
    Is that bad for my health?

    1. If you have small boobs then i doubt you will have a problem (provided they are naturally firm). however if they are not, i would suggest you go for a proper bra fitting to determine what your real breast size is as i generally tend to find that discomfort usually occurs when people do not wear their actual size. Also there are more comfortable fabrics and styles your could try. if you live in London try Marks and Spencer or Bravissimo. if you don’t, a cotton bra or even a simple lace bra would do…provided its properly fitted to your measurement. i hope thIS helps 🙂

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