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Fashions That Can be Hazardous to Your Health

We’ve all heard various fashion rumors throughout the years. Some may have been invented by parents who did not care for “new” fashions that were not up to their standards. Some may have been invented by teens who did not buy in to the latest fashion craze, and some may truly be urban myths. Want to know the low-down on some of these fashion tales? Read on…

1) Thongs can cause infections- This one is true, but it’s not just thongs that can cause vaginal infections. Wearing very tight jeans or too-tight underwear of any kind may lead to infection in women, due to the close proximity of the anus to the vagina, not to be too graphic. This proximity allows bacteria to spread, especially when tight clothing is added to the mix.

2) Carrying a heavy purse can cause back problems- Perhaps not back problems, but certainly back pain. Why? Because people tend to carry heavy bags on one side, rarely switching sides. This can cause back strain over time. Does it cause permanent damage? Not likely.

3) Skinny jeans can cause nerve problems- This one is actually true. When nerves in the groin become compressed as a result of wearing too-tight jeans, pain, tingling, or burning can result, and may even be permanent. This condition is called meralgia paresthetica, a fancy term for a pinched nerve.

4) Underwire bras can cause cancer- This one is not true, but they can cause discomfort, as can any bras that don’t fit properly. Many women attribute back pain to their bra, when it is likely weak back muscles supporting large breasts that are the issue.

5) High heels can cause back problems- This one is true, and high heels can also damage your feet. High heels are hard on your arches, and make you tip forward on your back, affecting correct walking posture. Over time, incorrect posture can lead to back pain.

There’s often a small kernel of truth in even the most outlandish claims.

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