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Guys, walnuts are good for your nuts

Reproduction is a very important concept in many African cultures. With the stress of modern times which could potentially affect a man’s fertility, eating healthy foods that boost sperm count is not such a bad idea. One of such foods is Walnut.  According to a report published in the journal Biology of reproduction, eating just 75 grams of walnuts a day—roughly a handful—can improve the quality of your semen.

Researchers monitored the diets of 117 healthy men, asking half to incorporate 75 grams of walnuts into their diets. After three months, the walnut group saw an improvement in the shape of their sperm, as well as the movement and vitality of their swimmers. The alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)—a natural plant source of omega-3—in walnuts are responsible for giving the sperm their extra boost. If you don’t like walnuts you can still get your daily dose of ALA by incorporating flax seed, soybeans, spinach, green beans and Brussels sprouts into your diet.

Come on guys, get your swimmers in great shape.


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