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Sam: Running Motivation

I’ve always been an active, competitive person, so when it comes to running, the challenge wasn’t really about motivating myself to keep running. The challenge was overcoming my fear of running in the first place! A lot of people share this fear, but til this day I’m not entirely sure what the fear is about! For me, it was entirely irrational – I genuinely felt as though my heart would explode if I didn’t stop running after two minutes!

Once I started, I was shocked at how unfit I was, and I guess this spurred me on to keep running and try harder.

Now, my main running motivation comes from:

  • My friends and other people around me, and the fact that they run and exercise frequently.
  • New music! That’s a weird one. I hardly ever get to listen to new music so those 20-30 minute runs give me some time to listen to new albums. Also when I have a new running playlist, I’m excited to get out there and try it out!
  • Celebrities with healthy lifestyles, e.g. Angela Simmons, Tracee Ellis Ross and Halle Berry. They all workout but it’s combined with healthy eating.
  • The small changes I’ve noticed in my weight, physique and skin. Running is one of those exercises that works your whole body, so it’s encouraging when you see your weight decrease, your stomach getting tighter and your thighs with more definition.

Lastly, the fact that I love to eat motivates me to keep on running!

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Adun Okupe
Adun's interests are wide and vaired but suffice to say she enjoys reading, cooking, hosting friends, organising events and exercising. Yes, fitness. She will be writing on our fitness column on the road to fitness. Fitness is a journey and not a crash course, more like a marathon as opposed to a 100m race. When she's not trying out taebo, jogging, tennis, swimming, cycling, riding, yoga or pilates, she's reading or writing her PhD thesis in Intelligent Leadership at the University of Surrey.

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