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Adun: My Fitness Journey

I have not always been into fitness. I remember about 9 years ago telling a friend at the time that I did not need to go to gym or exercise and if I put on weight, well that was the way it was to be! I cringe whenever I remember this, but it makes sympathetic when friends tell me this as their reason for not exercising.

I think post-secondary school, I got into fitness through running with my friend Jimi at Keele. The first few times were very hard and I always got cramps. As it was hayfever season, I also experienced severe allergies to the trees and flowers. But Jimi did not let this deter me! He was very determined. I also got into kickboxing and swimming. The gym was to come later.

Post-university, a trip to America meant that I put on a lot of weight and I knew that starting work, I wanted to be slim, so I decided to jog for 20minutes, 3 times a week. And it worked!  By the end of the month, I had dropped a dress size and this I think was the critical point for me as to the benefits of being fit.

Now 7 years afterwards, I am amazed at the change I have seen in myself. Not necessariliy in dress size, but in terms of my relationship with fitness. I was very ill sometime last year and the physiotherapist told me that my relatively quick recovery was due to my level of fitness. This is proof that keeping fit works, not just for losing weight but for a general sense of well-being.

Whenever I go jogging, I always come back feeling refreshed. Yoga relaxes and stretches out the muscle. Riding enables me to work out my inner thighs and posture and arms and swimming just gives a sense of freedom. I will say try many different exercises and choose what works for you. The gym works for some people. I prefer a sense of freedom.

The key is a commitment to being well and staying healthy.

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Adun Okupe
Adun's interests are wide and vaired but suffice to say she enjoys reading, cooking, hosting friends, organising events and exercising. Yes, fitness. She will be writing on our fitness column on the road to fitness. Fitness is a journey and not a crash course, more like a marathon as opposed to a 100m race. When she's not trying out taebo, jogging, tennis, swimming, cycling, riding, yoga or pilates, she's reading or writing her PhD thesis in Intelligent Leadership at the University of Surrey.

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