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The Road to Fitness

It was the end of the Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos, and I was going through BellaNaija’s website for pictures of the event, when I came across a picture of Alex Wek strolling and I thought, I love these legs – cue – putting the picture   up on my BB status and asking “how can I get legs like these?”

Yes, my dear friends told me my legs were perfectly toned, etc and I am a bit of a fitness junkie, only a little bit, I promise. Then my cousin started talking about her 2.5 hrs gym sessions and I thought, no! That is too much, not optimal, and as we started to exchange ideas on what was optimal/not, some other friends asked similar questions about fitness, and “The Road to Fitness” BBM group (for now) was born. Our tag line is “on you marks, get set, Go!” and this will be the theme of the series: dispelling rumours, sharing best practices, quelling trepidation of exercise, getting the necessary fitness equipment and then going!

Fitness is a lifelong quest, a lifestyle change, not a 4week challenge, although it is good to set landmark goals, but more than anything, it is a commitment to live well, just like showering daily and brushing one’s teeth are routine, regular exercise should be a part of our lives…

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Adun Okupe
Adun's interests are wide and vaired but suffice to say she enjoys reading, cooking, hosting friends, organising events and exercising. Yes, fitness. She will be writing on our fitness column on the road to fitness. Fitness is a journey and not a crash course, more like a marathon as opposed to a 100m race. When she's not trying out taebo, jogging, tennis, swimming, cycling, riding, yoga or pilates, she's reading or writing her PhD thesis in Intelligent Leadership at the University of Surrey.

2 thoughts on “The Road to Fitness

  1. I take the bus a couple of days a week. Happy because I’m no longer sedentary…getting the nice legs and bum…it doesn’t help my upper body strength, and someday I still need to do something “aerobic”, but it’s better than sitting on my arse all day.
    Take the bus and/or walk.

    1. Well done and rightly said that we need to get as much in as possible. But I think in addition to that, like you said, the body can benefit from more exercise, if one’s health allows.

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