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Mobile Phones can cause cancer

Suspicion that mobile phones could cause cancer has been around for many years, but the World’s Health Organization (WHO) has recently published an unsettling discovery  to this regard: mobile phones can indeed cause cancer, actually a form of brain cancer called glioma, to be more exact. This type of cancer is malignant which means it cannot be cured.

Until recently, both the WHO and other organizations and commissions (FCC, US Food and Drug Administration, CTIA) claimed that mobile phone did not cause cancer. They used to say, in an ironical manner that mobile phones were just as dangerous as coffee or pickles and that there was absolutely no connection between mobile phone radiation and cancer.The situation has changed because no less than 30 WHO specialists from 14 countries have taken part in the study and have been  gathered solid evidence for eight years that allowed them to come to this conclusion. “The pilling evidence is solid enough to prove that mobile phone usage can lead to cancer” – WHO officials have stated.

The results of a recent study have shown that mobile phone radiation increases the risk of cancer by 40% given the fact that the average talking time is of 30 minutes. The study suggests that the first symptoms could appear after ten years of mobile phone usage. WHO has also compared mobile phone radiation to other agents that could potentially cause cancer such as gas vapors and a pesticide called DTT. However, the same organization suggests that other studies are necessary to clearly observe the effect mobile phone radiation has on the human body.  One of the biggest challenges of such studies is the time frame: several decades have to pass for scientists to evaluate the effects certain environment agents have on the human body. The WHO recommends that we take the study results as a warning and advices us to use hands-free devices or communicate via SMS instead or holding the  phone to our ears.

Mobile phone manufacturers also recommend that users maintain a certain distance between the handset and their body. Usually, the minimum distance is 15 mm but unfortunately, few users actually read the user’s manual and the majority ignoring this recommendation.

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