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Banana & Brocolli


This brightly colored and oddly shaped fruit is not to be ignored, it is so delicious and full of energy boosting properties that every athlete and gym addict should take advantage of this fantastic quality. It belongs to the family of Musaceae and is mostly cultivated in the tropical and subtropical zones. Bananas are a great source of potassium and essential amino acids (building blocks for protein) which enables it to play a vital role in bone building and strengthening of nails. The fruit contains high amounts of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Its energy boosting power comes from simple sugars like fructose and sucrose that when eaten replenishes energy and revitalizes the body slowly.

It contains flavonoid poly-phenolic antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthin, beta and alpha carotenes. These compounds act as protective agents against oxygen-derived free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that play a role in aging. It is also a very good source of vitamin B, C, beta carotene and folic acid. Research has shown that eating bananas help to boost the immune system and play an important role in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, anaemia and stroke. Studies have also shown that bananas help control heart rate and blood pressure, thanks to its potassium content, while helping to fight cancer agents through the activity of beta-carotene.

Tip: If you find eating bananas boring try a banana smoothie, it is delicious and easy to make, add some pineapple, strawberries or another fruit you like to satisfy your taste buds


Research has shown that including broccoli in your diet will help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and high cholesterol.  It contains vitamin B, C, beta-carotene and folic acid just like banana. It is also a good source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur. It is not the best smelling vegetable but all the health benefits it provides outweighs the odour. It is very high in antioxidants and is known to have healing properties .Raw broccoli aids digestion and reduces the activity of bad bacteria in the digestive system, it works to lower cholesterol by reducing high acidity levels and facilitating the excretion of bile.

Research has shown that a diet consisting of broccoli will help detoxify the body by neutralizing and eliminating unwanted toxins, promoting healthier, radiant skin. It also improves eye health and reduces the risk of eye degenerative diseases and the formation of cataracts.

Tip: Broccoli can be cooked, steamed or eaten raw depending on what you can handle. It is better eaten raw in order to take full advantage of all the nutrients. Steaming broccoli is another great option, the fiber elements in broccoli bind with the acids in the digestive system leading to the excretion of bile acids, which assists in lowering cholesterol.

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