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Just like blackberry, most naija babes have copped wefts of Indian/Brazilian/Peruvian etc hair. It has become a common fashion accessory to the extent that if you are caught dead spotted in any darling yaki, you will be done for. (Yes, some people do take it seriously). The hair gets as much attention as the wearer. “Spotted, funmi in 32″ Peruvian weave, xoxo”. After this comes the mental calculation of how much this weave would have cost her.I assume this places her on a level higher than the “babies” who are the 12″ wearers, or borrow posers)

Everyone who owns a BB or an Email address must have also gotten those forwards. Specifically the one where a woman had done one of those human hair weaves and contracted some infection which ate into her scalp or something of that sort. I didn’t really take it seriously when i read it (disgusting as it was) because I assumed that it was probably a one off case, ok maybe two. A case of extreme bad luck and a crappy supplier combined.

However, I couldn’t help but imagine what the beginning of the lady’s story could have been. I often played different scenarios in my head, over and over, trying to figure out how this weave got infected in the first place. I could be wrong, as these scenarios neglected the part where the companies are meant to treat the hair before they sell. Perhaps the untreated ones are more expensive?

Scene 1: Poor homeless Indian woman with child on the streets. She needs food to eat, and heard about a place where she can sell her hair for some rupees. She probably hadn’t washed her hair in a long time – and perhaps has placed that hair in places I could not imagine. She cuts off her dirty hair, gets paid and goes on her merry way.

Scene 2: Brazilian woman with plenty lice or hair infection who has never had a hair cut in her life goes to the doctors and is advised to shave her hair off. One of the hairdressers packs the shaved hair and sells off for some money.

Scene 3: Dead woman’s hair (complete with Maggot and the works) is shaved off and sold.

Real human hair, like mine and yours is prone to infections, dandruff and the works so I guess the news of an infected weave flying around in the hair market should not come as a surprise regardless of how on point your suppliers are.

My sister and I recently purchased a bundle of nice Brazilian hair from Argentina. Packaged and posted express delivery to our home address. My sister who was much more paranoid than I was decided to triple check each strand of hair we bought. And guess what she found? Lice eggs stuck on the strands of a whole bundle. Whoever had that hair must have had a party up in her scalp. Maybe my supplier is not gangster enough in the hair business so I count myself somewhat as unlucky as the lady who ended up in the hospital in terms of crappy suppliers. But seeing those eggs definitely freaked me out- and the warnings about human hair suddenly hit home.

Now this is not to scare you ladies who love your 62″ weave dragging behind you like a train. I understand the “pros” of having these weaves. Most notably the justice this it does for a lot of women in terms of enhancing their looks (yes it does wonders); the tangle free and light feel of the hair. But it seems to me that exchanging 250k for a Nepali woman’s hair with a legion of eggs is not exactly a McDonald’s happy meal.

I am a firm believer that whatever floats your boat is best. If you must use human hair, just make sure you triple check the resume of the hair before you purchase. And after you purchase, wash, treat or whatever before you fix. (Any advice on treating these sorts of weaves will be appreciated)

But as for me and my house? We have had enough eggs to last a life time.


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