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Help!! I’m a mum

No one ever really tells you how being a mother changes your life, actually maybe they did but I just didn’t understand. I’m now the mother of a bouncing baby boy, 5 months old as I write this and he’s the cutest baby in the whole world if I do say so myself. But he has turned my life forwards, backwards, roundabout, inside out and shaken me one more time just for extra measure. Not only did he come with a bang four weeks early totally unannounced on a random Sunday, my life remains forever changed from that moment on. The hubs and I left the hospital after having him thinking “hmmm so what happens next?”. Don’t get me wrong, if I could do it all over again I would without blinking, but it sure would have helped if I was maybe semi-prepared, some evening lessons, perhaps a parenting crash course or just someone to shake me and tell me ARE YOU CRAZY!? So here’s my little attempt to help other mum to be’s know what to expect from a lighter perspective, and to give other stay at home mums like me (SAHM’s as we are fondly called) an “ah I know how you feel moment” and for the rest of you, something to brighten up your day.


If I could count the number of times my son cries I would be a millionaire, actually I might just own the world. When he was a few weeks old, he even cried just for being awake! Now how do you resolve that? But as you get to know your baby better, their cries start to make more sense. Yes, you begin to understand the reasons and it suddenly just becomes another form of communication, but just through exercising their vocal cords rather loudly. For example a loud wailing could be hunger or a wet nappy, intermittent cries could be the need to sleep and whining could be the need for cuddles and a little bit of TLC, and yes my son loves TLC. He loves it so much he should have been the fourth member of the band (yes, the child has wrecked my sense of humour). But as they say, it can only get better…….


Nappies have become my daily accessory. I go through so many nappies in a day I feel like I’m on rat race to see how fast I can finish a new pack, that is, may the last nappy win! The bane of my life is when I change my son’s nappy and he poops right after a fresh change or wees when he gets some fresh air. It’s like his brain tells him,”ahhhh a fresh one, time to do my business” or” hmm I wonder what that cool breeze is, makes me want to pee in your face …opps…sorry mom”. I also never knew there was a whole world of nappies out there but was I wrong. There are Easy dry, Snug fit, Little explorers, Super dry, Little walkers, Baby dry, Simply dry, New baby and the list goes on. Let’s not even get to nappy sizes based on your child’s weight. How I am constantly meant to know the weight of my child at every point in time? Tried the kitchen scale once but the scale didn’t live to see the light of day. Why can’t there be one standard nappy for every baby? Yea I know another wishful thought. But as they say, it can only get better…………


Or should I say the lack of it, if anyone tells you when you have a baby your sleep time is reduced, multiply that by a million that leaves us with something or the other of NO SLEEP!! I think the first few days I was so sleep deprived I started being high on being awake.  Don’t get me started on all the baby psychologists who encourage you to let your baby cry themselves to sleep and start them out on bed times routines once they pop out of you. How do you manage a routine when you yourself need to be put on one? You are meant to clean your baby, feed your baby, play with your baby , clean your house, cook, clean yourself!, cater to the hubby and have some meaningful conversation with him, and dare I say have sex with him, all on a 24 hour shift with few hours of sleep and form a bed time routine too?  Are you serious?? If there are any supermoms out there, please get in touch!!  But as they say, it can only get better………

Social life

Macmillan online dictionary describes a social life as [the time that you spend enjoying yourself with friends] but I would like to replace the ‘friends’ with ‘your baby!’  Playing with my son, making him laugh, and watching CBeebies has become our movie night in! As I watch him discover his feet are actually his, him chewing on his bib and babbling conversations with his imaginary friend called ‘nnnnnngo!’ I start to wonder how I can turn this into our next primetime game together, and that excites me. The hubs, baby and I going out has become somewhat like preparing for a camping trip. Bags packed- tick, bottles sterilised-tick, formula packed- tick, spare clothes-tick, take baby with you-tick!  Yes, I once went to see an uncle and left the house amidst the car seat, nappy bag et al without my son only to remember at the door. Ok, ok, judge my parenting skills on a different forum! Moving on swiftly, oh yes, going out, the hubs and I sometimes change a nappy in the middle of a mall, on a stairwell, in the car, in fact wherever we can get a spot to sit. It doesn’t get more romantic than that. Or my virtuous days of breastfeeding in public, trying to be discrete and also look semi-normal. That’s as avant-garde as it gets too. But at least when out, you get random strangers and old ladies telling you how cute your baby is, asking how old he is and if he sleeps through the night. I wonder why they all keep asking the same questions. Anyways, I digress. But as they say, it can only get better…….

There’s so much to tell but this is just to give you a little dose of an insight into my daily existence. Being a mum is definitely like a reality show with no audience. But can I tell you about my son and how much I love him? If he was a muffin I would probably binge eat him. He’s simply adorable. I can’t get enough of him, and when I feel like I have, I miss him some minutes later. His first smile rocked my world, his ‘car engine revving style laugh’ makes me want to laugh more which makes him laugh all the more. His wide eye glance at me for reassurance that I’m still with him melts me to pieces. I love his curly hair, I love the fact that he can chew his chubby feet, I love his full rosy cheeks that have taken over his face, I love the fact that he sometimes means to cry but laughs by mistake and gets even more upset. I love the fact that he cries when I leave the room and the reassurance I can give him that I’ll always come back. He’s simply divine. I love him more each day, and just when I think I can’t love him anymore than I do, he melts my heart and I love him a bit more. But above all, I love him because he’s mine- and for keeps too! And as they say, it can only get better………


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5 thoughts on “Help!! I’m a mum

  1. This was an awesome piece! As a mother of two healthy, active boys i can totally relate with the author. This is definatley a must read for all mums and mums to be. Its a refreshing piece and reminds you to have a positive, fun and humourous approach to parenting. Welldone! look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Wow!
    This is a typical awesome life of a new mum, especially in diaspora!
    A brilliant piece, good read and lots of humour………. Definitely looking forward to reading more lines from you.

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