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Men Get Yeast Infections Too…

Few men know that they also can get yeast infections. Yeast infections are not gender specific. The cause of yeast infections, an out of balance Candida Albicans fungus level in the body, can affect either men or women, and when out of balance, can produce negative symptomatic consequences in the genitals .
Sexual transmission with a partner who also has a yeast infection is a method of commuting this bacterial malady. To protect yourself from sexual transmission, open communication with sexual partners about the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, as well as the use of barrier protection, such as condoms have been known to reduce infections.
A man with a yeast infection will most likely experience some similar symptoms as those of women, such as genital itching, discomfort, or even discharge. If any of these symptoms occur, immediate medical attention should be sought in order to rule out more serious medical conditions before seeking over the counter remedies.
Other symptoms might not lead the man to think of yeast infections at all when experienced. Severe stomach cramps, uncontrollable or increased passing of gas, and other abdominal discomforts would not signify a genital bacterial infection by first glance. Erectile dysfunction on the other hand may be thought of at first as a sign of serious medical or chronic ailment but might actually be a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics.
The treatment for men with yeast infections are the same as they are for women, however the application methods do vary. Male yeast infection OTC treatments can be found for both men and women. Be sure to read the ingredients and follow the instructions carefully.
Wearing loose fitting clothing around the midsection and avoiding scratching the area as well as following your prescribed treatment schedule can aid recovery from a male yeast infection greatly.
If you are a man and you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, reluctant as you may be, you should contact you physician and schedule an examination as soon as possible.
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